One of the best parts of being an academic is that you get to travel the world to attend conferences. Moreover, we sometimes end up in a place we never had any desire to visit but nevertheless discover how awesome that placeDerekAlexInuk actually is.  Most of these places I’ve travelled to with my partner, Alex, who is also a linguist. That’s a photo of us on Whistler Mountain in British Columbia almost ten years ago!

Outside of linguistics I have a variety of interests.

For nearly two decades I’ve played guitar in various bands. The volume and speed of the music waxed and waned over the years. I listen to a huge range of music from d-beat to witch house to black metal to grime to alt country. These days I’ve been listening mostly to Propagandhi (which has been true since 1996).

I also love cooking, craft beer, mystery novels, cryptic crosswords, Dungeons and Dragons, badminton, and soccer (I’m a supporter of Toronto FC, Islington Rangers, the Canadian National Teams, and Knattspyrnusamband Íslands).