I am available to supervise undergraduate independent studies at UTM in sociolinguistics and language variation and change. I often run Research Opportunity Project courses and have work study positions available. If you are interested in working with me, please let me know.

I am also on the graduate faculty of the Department of Linguistics at the University of Toronto, St. George Campus and supervise Masters and PhD students.  My graduate student supervision includes:

Masters Forum Paper (supervisor)
  • Lauren Bigelow, Ungliding of FACE and GOAT in Northern Ontario (2018–present)
  • Timothy Gadanidis, Um, about that, uh, variable (2017–2018)
Masters Forum Paper (second reader)
  • Lisa Schlegl, Tracking Changes in Canadian English Utterance-Initial Discourse Markers
PhD Dissertations (committee member)
  • Katharina Pabst, Variation in Maine English (2019–present)
  • Dr. Jim Smith, Sociophonetic Variation and Change in Northern Ontario English Vowels (2018)
PhD Generals Papers (supervisor)
  • Timothy Gadanidis, Social meanings of uh and um online and in speech (2019–present)
PhD Generals Papers (committee member)
  • Ilia Nicoll, The shifting nature of phonological evidence for syntactic structure in Labrador Inuttitut (2019)
  • Heather Stephens, Polarity particles: yep and nope (2019)
  • Pocholo Umbal, An acoustic analysis of /u/-fronting in second generation Filipinos in Toronto (2019)
  • Lex Konnelly, Brutoglossia: Indexicalities of class, race and masculinity in craft beer discourse (2018)
  • Fiona Wilson, Variation in Cree Negation (2018)