News for July 2018

June was a busy month for me. Two new papers are now available online to read. The first, in American Speech, is a critical take on current ideas in the World Englishes paradigm. Alex D’Arcy (UVic) and I deal with our own settler status in this country and interrogate how settler colonialism has shaped views on English varieties around the world.

The second paper, written with Martina Wiltschko (UBC) and Alex D’Arcy, appears in Language in Society. We take a transdisiplinary perspective and attempt to deconstruct the Canadian pragmatic marker eh.

While it’s always great to see the final results of a project, especially a collaboration, it’s maybe even more exciting to be at the very beginning. The rest of the month has been filled with the initial stages of my new research project which aims to document what I am calling Multicultural Toronto English. Me and several student RAs have been collecting data in different neighbourhoods and hope to start talking about what we’re finding soon!